Mason Jennings Lyrics: Simple Life

Simple Life
from Simple Life


She was sitting on the edge of my bed
Taking her shirt off over her head
I should be somewhere else but I am right here instead

As this whole scene unfurls
In this ever changing world
I ask myself how did I lose my woman for this here girl

Well she lays back like a queen
In some dark medieval dream
All at once God becomes a big old machine

And I've got one hand on the switch
Building up a fearsome itch
To turn him off for a little while
And dig myself a six foot ditch

'Cause every move she makes
Tempts this here bough to break
I know man lives on love
How much love can one man take

If there's a train coming I can't see it
If there's a lesson here I don't need it
I'm gonna slide right down into my own bad idea

So save it if you will
Stop the doctor crush the pill
Simple life is overated
I have simply had my fill