Mason Jennings Lyrics: In Your City

In Your City
from In The Ever

When I got off the bus it was six in the evening
Snow was blowing across the intersection
For the last six hours I'd been lost in a book
So it took me a second to remember what I was doing
Standing in the middle of a bustling sidewalk
Under barren branches silhouetted by streetlamps
I reached into my overcoat pocket
And brought out a letter with your address on it

And I may be dreaming but I've come to you
I have nowhere else to run
How you gonna say what's never been said
I'll tell you how it's done
You just look into your eyes
You look into your eyes
And follow them down, you gotta follow them down
Till the streets are lined with trees
On the last house there's a little blue house
It's the only house I see
And up in the window a light still shines
Your daddy showed you what was wrong with life
I wanna show you how to make it right
Hey hey baby, I'm in your city