Mason Jennings Lyrics: East of Eden

East of Eden
from Century Spring


I'm just a student of this life, just like my father
I am a stranger to this heart, just like my mother

Oh, and brother you should know
That this heart's still filled with sadness and regret
But I'm learning as I go
To forgive the things that I just can't forget

Sometimes this heart is made of glass
And I often find myself living only in the past
Thinking mostly of myself but I'll believe you when you say
That these are things that time can heal
And this beating in my heart says this love we have is real

All of these wishes, I once lost, are now returning
All of the demons, I have fought, are slowly turning

Oh, and brother you should know
There is no one in this world who feels no pain
But I'm learning as I go
To accept the things that I've no power to change

All of these streets are heading out and this song's no longer blue
And although nothing's figured out
Looks like we've both made it through
If there is one thing I could ask
I would ask you where you've been
'Cause I still wonder where you were
When this whole big ship sank in